Our Price Match Promise

As a property broker, our aim is to secure the buyer the best possible deal. We aim to use our purchasing power as leverage with sellers to get you the lowest price.

We are experts in negotiation and with our intimate knowledge of the Cyprus property market, we can secure you the best possible deal. One buyer working with one seller doesn’t have the same control and power as multiple buyers playing off multiple sellers.

We would also hope through the purchase process that we would also save you valuable time and money. Multiple visits with poor quality property inspections can lead to a lot of wasted time, effort and cost. Our aim is support you through an efficient and optimal buying journey.

A hidden cost on property purchase is through currency money exchange. At Escape to the Sun, we use a leading currency exchange expert that is typically up to 5% cheaper than your average high street bank. As the provider is also regulated in the UK, you also have the same protection as a bank, though at a fraction of the cost.

It is common in Cyprus for sellers to list their properties with multiple estate agents. It is possible to find the same property listed with a different price. Whilst this rarely happens, if you do find your property listed at a lower price, we will aim to match that price – provided that the price is genuine and not a mistake.

We only represent the buyer and through our market access, buying power, understanding of the purchase process and access to market leading financial services, we believe that we will secure you the best possible deal.

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