A new home is not just a new home, it is the door to an exciting fresh adventure and a window to a whole new lifestyle.

Whilst we are experts in helping our customers buy residential property in Cyprus, we focus on lifestyle purchases – holiday homes, second homes, relocation, pre-retirement and retirement. Our objective is to ensure that the lifestyle aspects of the purchase such as visas, utilities, local council, tax are seamlessly managed to ensure a smooth purchase process.

We also use our experience to choose the best locations with good investment prospects. We are also confident that we will save you valuable time and money during the process.

Over 2015, an estimated 30,000 people from Britain purchased an overseas residential property, each with their own motivations and objectives. We can use our expertise to ensure that you can realise your dreams and ambitions, safely and securely.

Second Home
This is the main reason why our customers look to purchase overseas. For those wanting to spend prolonged time overseas, perhaps to avoid those long, grey wintry months, this is an option that makes sense from a budget and long-term investment perspective. We would tend to avoid the touristy areas and focus on areas that have great character, easy access to facilities and within reach of a good network of local and expat communities.

Holiday Home
For those looking for an alternative to expensive term-time holidays, an overseas holiday home is a good option. Guaranteed weather, access to tourist facilities and a familiar base are simple reasons why this is a popular choice. For those wanting to rent out their property to friends and family, this could be a good way to reducing those holiday costs. Here we tend to focus on family-friendly areas close to the tourist areas with easy access to an airport.

Pre-retirement overseas
A common theme these days is for our customers to start looking at gliding into retirement with a less-stressful and potentially more fulfilling second career after many years on the treadmill. We’ve been involved with bed-and-breakfast properties, small hotels, vineyards and even equestrian holdings.

Retirement Overseas
Today’s baby boomers are an adventurous lot and retiring overseas is becoming an ever popular choice. Drawn by new experiences with the prospects of a better climate, a great quality-of-life and a cheaper cost of living and favourable tax treatment, it is easy to see why so many Brits are drawn to Cyprus. Again, we can help manage the process so that you have a smooth landing in your dream retirement destination.

A lot of UK executives are international travellers that have the opportunity to live and work overseas for periods of their career. Indeed, in this increasingly globalised village, a period working overseas is seen as a distinct advantage. Again, we can support this relocation process along with finding great properties in convenient locations. For those wanting support during the executive relocation process, we would be delighted to help.


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