About Us

DC PIC 2Escape to the Sun is a UK-based Property Broker that focuses on the sale and marketing of residential property in Cyprus for those looking for a holiday home, second home, relocation, retirement or even for investment purposes.

As such the properties we offer are geared towards this market.

The company was established to promote overseas property ownership by helping our customers purchase in a safe, secure manner and by selecting properties in superb locations.

The company was founded by David Clarke who has a passion for Cyprus having lived and worked on the island over many years. He has had a successful career in financial services across Europe and the Middle East which has given him wide exposure to different markets and a personal insight into the benefits of owning property outside the UK to enjoy different cultures, a better climate and to enjoy new experiences.

Our Mission

The Escape to the Sun mission to support customers in buying overseas residential property safely, securely and in superb locations.

Our vision is to build a portfolio of delighted customers who have realised their dreams and ambitions of owning a property in Cyprus.

Our strength lies in the expertise, experience and understanding of the Cyprus property market. By ensuring our customers follow a safe purchase process and by only offering properties in great locations, we aim to ensure our customers have the upmost confidence and optimism regarding their new home.

Our Values

Our core values are to be:

  • Professional
  • Ethical
  • Trusted
  • Sincere
  • On the side of the customer
  • Inspiring

Above all, although buying a property can be an emotional roller-coaster at times, we want you to enjoy the journey with the comfort that you are in safe hands.

Our Code of Conduct

We are proud full business members of the AIPP and follow a strict code of conduct. More details regarding the AIPP, our code of conduct and dispute procedure can be found here.

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