We help our customers buy property in Cyprus safely, securely and in superb locations.

4That’s not just a marketing tagline. That’s what we do. We love the excitement of owning overseas residential property and our aim us to ensure you enjoy that same thrill.

We want our customers to be confident that they are making a sound investment, be fully informed throughout the process and ensure any risks are managed.


10We have a tried and tested approach to buying property in Cyprus.

We will guide you through the purchase process to save you valuable time and money.



You will need to work with several third-parties during the purchase process such as lawyers, surveyors, currency exchange experts and finance providers.

We only work with third parties that are professionally registered, have a proven track record and have been validated by other customers.

Some of the properties we market are from property developers. Certain customers prefer modern designs and construction with access to the latest in technology, highest specifications and modern appliances.

To this end, we have a rigorous due diligence process so that all our property developers have:

  • Been vetted so that we are assured of their financial strength
  • A proven track record and reputation in terms of timely and quality delivery
  • Appropriate professional affiliations, registrations and licenses

We will make sure that any exposures are actively managed with the right incentives and structure in place for the developer to deliver on-time to the agreed quality and specifications.

Superb Locations


We want our customers to be confident that they are buying a property in a superb location. As a result, our properties tend to be focussed on those areas which we believe will retain their marketability and provide for strong investment prospects.

We have an intimate knowledge of the Cypriot property market and from our agents on the ground, we get a deep insight into which areas are the most attractive and which areas to avoid.

Obviously, we can’t guarantee that any specific property will be the perfect investment. What we will do though is to provide a robust framework for selecting property with potential for performing strongly over the medium to long term.

If you would like us to help you find your Escape, please contact us.

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