25th July
Cyprus Image 3

Wind in the sails of the Cyprus property market

It is very difficult to determine the best time from an investment perspective to buy into a specific property market. Nobody can accurately predict the bottom of the market and sentiment can often be quite fragile at these times with…... Read more

21st April

A time for Renewal

It is  at this time of the year with Easter and spring that we often seek fresh starts and a sense of renewal. For those looking for a complete spring clean and a new life, it is this season that…... Read more

5th February

Market confidence returning to Cyprus

Two recent surveys published in 2017 point to a shift in momentum regarding the Cyprus property market. After a decade of falling property values, prices have shown signs of stabilisation and the roots of a recovery. Based on the 28th…... Read more

14th September

Market confidence returning following Brexit

It is now over two months following the Brexit result and despite all the predictions, the UK economy seems in rude health. The only disaster not foreseen by the establishment was England crashing out of Europe by losing to Iceland….... Read more

16th June

What’s in store for property markets post the EU referendum?

Escape to the Sun looks at the possible outcomes for select property markets ahead of the forthcoming EU referendum. The outcome of the referendum is becoming increasingly finely poised. Whilst the result may be in the balance, the arguments for…... Read more

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