Our Fees

3If you would like to buy your property safely, securely and in superb locations, we are here to help.

We can take away the stress of having to search through literally thousands of properties and provide you with the local market insight as to the best places to buy and the many pitfalls to avoid.

First, we will spend some time with you to fully understand your objectives and learn about your ideal property. We will develop a comprehensive brief and then scan the market and start to build a shortlist of suitable properties. We’ll keep refining this shortlist until you are confident that you’ve got a great selection.

4We’ll be your tour guide for your inspection visit. Once we’ve agreed your shortlist, we’ll manage the itinerary so that the journey is as simple as possible.

You will get the following support: –

  • Guidance on the best destinations and locations
  • Development of a property short-list that we’ll keep fine tuning until you are completely happy
  • We’ll search the market for properties that provide the best possible fit for your brief
  • Access globally to over one million agents and three million properties plus access to private sales and offline portfolios where absolute discretion is required.
  • An itinerary for your site visits hosted by an Escape to the Sun representative
  • Support throughout the purchase process. We’ll provide guidance and ensure you only deal with reputable and specialist third-parties.
  • We’ll lead on negotiations, or provide you with guidance if you would prefer to manage this aspect yourself
  • Benchmark of your proposed investment to ensure the property is being bought at fair value in a location with good future marketability
  • Support for any visas, residence, retirement and relocation requirements
  • Support for any financing or insurance needs
  • Guidance on property ownership structures
  • Status updates – we’ll keep you fully informed every step of the way

We are confident that by using our expertise in overseas property markets that you will save valuable time and money through our ability to select great properties in great locations, our understanding of local markets and the best approach to getting the best price along with access to market-leading exchange rates.

14Our fee to provide this support is 1% of the property purchase price subject to a minimum fee of £2,000.

To secure our services, we will require return of our contract and an up-front payment of £1,000. The balance of the payment will be payable on successful purchase of your dream home.

Please contact us to start your journey to your dream overseas property.

Let us help you find your Escape.

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