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Spain continues to be the number one overseas destination for UK property buyers. There are over 300,000 Brits living in the country according to the United Nations and with various estimates of up to one million British home owners. With its warm climate, great quality of life, proximity and easy access, it is not difficult to see why Spain continues to be such a preferred destination.

Having been in the property doldrums for much of the last decade, Spain is now seeing a recovery in prices particularly for coastal and island resorts. This is being driven by an improvement in the Spanish economy and from overseas investors attracted by the combination of attractive prices and an easy Euro.

The good news for UK property hunters is that property prices still have some way to hit their 2007 peak. Due to its location and infrastructure and with favourable demographics, the long-term prospects for Spain are still very much positive.

Many UK investors are attracted to the coastal regions along the Mediterranean famed for its sunshine hours and year-round warm climate. The Costa Blanca, Costa Del Sol and Costa Brave are, in particular, very popular The Costa Calida, Costa Almeria and Costa De La Luz are growing in popularity and emerging as fashionable options.

In addition to these areas, the Balearic’s and the Canary Islands also continue to be a top choice.

The northern green coast also has its devotees though, as the name suggests, it is very different to its southern counterparts. Inland Spain doesn’t tend to be that popular but generally does offer more attractive prices and a more authentic taste of Spain away from the tourist trails.Spain map with airports

Our industry body, the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) has produced an excellent guide to Buying A Property In Spain.

We’ve also team up with Everything Overseas to provide indispensable guides to buying properties in Spain.

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