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As the safest country in the European Union, and the fifth safest country in the world, Cyprus is an attractive place to do business and a unique place to reside. Individuals looking to invest through real estate can take advantage of the island’s unique strategic location, enviable Mediterranean lifestyle, warm climate, excellent infrastructure and first-rate tourism infrastructure. Cyprus also offers favourable incentives in the area of taxation for individuals and businesses.

However, there’s more to the island to just business and Cypriot life. In fact, Cyprus also offers one of the most attractive programmes for obtaining EU Citizenship and Permanent Residency through property investment. The process is fast and simple and provides the freedom to live, work and travel anywhere within the EU. The passport also provides for visa-free travel to 158 countries globally. How is this possible? See below:

EU Citizenship Investment Criteria

  • Cyprus EU Citizenship may be obtained through a secure property investment of €2 million, provided the investor maintains a residential property to the value of €0.5 million as a main residence.
  • The investment can be a single property or portfolio
  • The main investment may be sold after a period of three years. However, the investor must always maintain a property with a value of at least €0.5 million
  • A clean criminal record is required

If you don’t quite meet the requirements above, you may be eligible for Permanent Residency instead. For more information and to find out if you are, click here

To see our collection of properties that qualify for EU Citizenship by investment, click here.

Your guide to Citizenship and Permanent Residency

Your guide to Citizenship and Permanent Residency

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