Our aim is for you to buy overseas property safely, securely and in superb locations. All these factors are important but location is the most complex. After all, no one can predict which markets and what fashions will rise or fall.

To this end, we constantly review each of our core markets to understand the investment outlook. Local knowledge is also critical to appreciate which areas are becoming popular and those that are losing their appeal.

Our ultimate objective is for your overseas property to: –

  • Retain its future marketability
  • Hold a positive investment outlook

To this end, we focus on those markets that we believe have entered a positive phase with momentum building in terms of both the volume of sales and property price increases. Our current focus is on these four markets: –

Lifestyle and experiences are often a more important consideration than investment outlook for many of our customers. Destinations such as France, Italy and Greece will always be popular. However, the investment outlook is an important consideration as circumstances and preferences always change.

France and Italy remain in the doldrums and there are relatively heavy costs to buy in these markets whilst the economic outlook in Greece remains uncertain. The south of Italy offers bargain prices whilst Bulgaria provides the best value properties in the EU.

Outside of these core markets, the following destinations also prove very popular:

If you would like to receive an investment outlook or property buying guide for our core markets, please contact us and we will be delighted to send you a copy.

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